Your protection and security are our top priorities!

Your data in human resources is highly sensitive and confidential, so we offer the highest standards of protection and security to all of our clients, without any exception

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Local data hosting.

Third-party consultant.

Complies with the standards of the National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA).

Privacy policies.

Domain protection.

Periodic data backup.

A specialized team in cyber security.

Advanced options regarding password policy, permissions and powers.

Double encryption.

Next Generation Firewalls.

Web Application Security.

Your data is secured through local hosting according to the standards of the National Cybersecurity Authority.

In Jisr, we continuously test and verify the extent of the system’s protection and security with major consulting agencies, to ensure 100% system protection.

We host all your data in Saudi Arabia, and monitor protection and security internally through our team, and also externally through our partners in Secured Decision.

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Advanced options password policy, permissions and powers!

Because unauthorized access to data is one of the risks users of digital systems face, we provide advanced options to help protect data, including basic requirements for setting-up passwords, granting roles and powers, securing chats and email domains, encrypting data transmission and reception, and many other important security points.

A specialized team in cyber security!

We rely on a team of cybersecurity experts to review the system continuously and ensure a high level of security and protection around the clock. You can contact us to learn more about the standards and procedures we follow to protect our system from here

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Backups and recovery plans!

Data in the human resources system is the most important and reliable asset to accomplish and perform all tasks, and therefore protecting it from loss is essential.

Through the automatic backup policy (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) of the data in Jisr, you will ensure its secured storage and the possibility of restoring it in emergencies.