Integration is a real power!

Integrate Jisr to your company`s account in the GOSI, and other government platforms such as Mudad and Muqeem,besides ERP - resource management programs, banks, accounting programs you depend on and more.

Bringing all solutions together in one location is the first step in digital transformation!

In the human resources field, there are many overlapping tasks related to different programs, platforms and tools, so the complete digital transformation depends on the integration and compatibility of these solutions. Our priority at Jisr is access and integration with all platforms and solutions that serve human resource management.

Integrated connectivity with all the platforms you need!


A government system that provides a program, enabling employers to upload and update information on workers` contracts in the private sector. It also allows employees to verify the validity of their contract data and the possibility of accepting or rejecting it from the Absher system.


A platform concerned with providing social protection and an insurance umbrella in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It also covers civil and military state employees and workers in the private sector. It is mainly based on the implementation of the social insurance system and the civil and military retirement systems in the Kingdom.


The services provided by Muqeem include, but are not limited to, renewal of Iqama, exit and return, issuance of Iqama, final exit, as well as printing reports that the facility needs on residents.


Cloud software to manage complete corporate resources from sales, operations, risk management, warehousing and logistics


A German resource management program that manage corporate resources and covers the most important corporate activities such as sales, inventory and operations


The program for managing resources, enterprise affairs and customer relations, which is part of Microsoft applications for business solutions


An American cloud accounting program that helps companies manage financial operations and clients.


A New Zealand cloud accounting program that provides financial management and accounting services to small and medium businesses


An accounting program, which has been developed, provides billing services, payroll management and an integrated payment interface, serving medium and small companies.


البنك السعودي


A financial technology digital wallet in Saudi Arabia, providing payment and transfer solutions in a fast and easy way!

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