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We understand the urgency of solving any problem the human resources may face, therefore we present immediate customer service with the highest standards! The right setup is the key step to avoiding any probable mistakes or problems, that is why you should take the right steps with the aid of a professional team to fully prepare your business.

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How do we help our clients?

01. Help Center

More than 250 articles provide information about Jisr’s features, details of the system, the features it offers, and how to use these features professionally.

These articles are constantly updated, and all information and product details are added as well.

02. Jisr Academy and Webinars

Complete explanations from A to Z, and record training clips for all sections and system features. You can find them easily tabbed under the Help Center.Intercom. help

Our team enjoys serving you

Get to know the system setup experts, and start your journey with them to implement Jisr human resource management system in your company!

Through my experience in human resource operations that exceeds 14 years, what we do in the preparation team is focused on helping companies complete the digital transformation of their business.

We ensure companies apply the system and upload all da within weeks with high accuracy and professionalism in training under the supervision of a professional and experienced team in various resource departments.

Khaled Al-Wasabi
Director of the Configuration and Setup Department

Specialized in human resources management, I have great experience in the human resources Jisr system that exceeds 4 years as I am the leader of the system empowerment team in focusing on outputs.

I am very interested in making sure that users are able to apply their internal policies in accordance with the work structure on the system, which in turn helps them to reach the best outputs

Afaf Al-Mutairi
Team Leader

An expert in human resources management for more than 8 years. My experience helps me understand the client’s needs and help them adopt the system and transition to digital transformation with the highest accuracy and quality that we can offer.

Jisr is well known for the ease of data transfer and for the speed of building the policies of an organization or company.

Bandar Qassem
Team Leader

I specialized in human resource management and have been working in customer empowerment in Jisr for 5 years. I am passionate about my work, which is compatible with my love to help and empower others.

Being a leader in the training team, I always make sure that the customer gets complete knowledge, achieves the most complete and optimal use of the system, and obtains the best experience.

Nihal Al-Adaini
Team Leader

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