Core HR

All employees’ data from one place!

Keep all employees’ data and establish a professional database for everything related to employees’ documents, and keep track of appointments for renewal and updating, without any paper documents’ loss, and without the need for any storage and archiving spaces.

Add and manage your employees! data easily!

Functional information
Track Attendance
Performance evaluations
Financial transactions
Salary and financial details

Access is easier with Jisr!

Employees’ data is available anytime, anywhere! Human Resources management requires the availability of the data needed by the business at any time and anywhere, because it is related to the emergent, urgent and sudden needs that human resource managers face.

Jisr provides you with all the data you need anytime and anywhere.

Important Alerts for Important Documents Dates

With our Document History Alerts feature, you'll avoid fines, delays, and issues with missed or delayed renewal dates. Organize all employees documents through Jisr.

Preserve your assets and keep track of employees’ assets

The Assets page helps you track and manage any employees; assets such as devices, cars, or any other assets. Use this data to prepare the employees’ final settlement, and for asset inventory and assessment as well.

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