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Setting up approval workflows … Easier than you can imagine!

Get done faster with setting up sequential approval workflows that help you increase productivity and save time and effort. All approvals that work and employees need can be automated, and customized, and procedures can be defined according to your organization's needs without any additional effort.

Why do you need automation for the approval workflow?

To facilitate work and simplify procedures

Increasing productivity and efficiency between HR Management and Financial Management.

Raising the satisfaction rates for employees with services.

One single click gives you all the information you need!

Get access, assign, approve, or reject requests and approvals easily at any time through Jisr.

Update your tasks quickly, and organize the tasks that result in accepting and approving requests, whether they are related to your department, financial management, or other departments, all from one place!

Well-structured procedures for Easier Approvals!

With the options to define the main policies and filter the nended data, you can recognize requests according to their status,and who is responsible for them, which gives you an overview of the requests, procedures and everything you need in one place!

Identify those responsible for approvals and assign them tasks … Accurately!

The approval cycle that takes place via Jisr enables you to specify who is directly responsible for approving the request and the procedure you need:

Resignation request

Leave requests

Assets request

Loan request

Urgent requests

Assets request, Letter request

Missing punches

Assets clear

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"Jisr solves the problem of the increasing HR requests due to having a growing number of employees. Furthermore, it facilitates processing the employees’ requests at a record time for both the employees and the management”

Shaiga Al-Qahtani

Senior Human Resources Specialist at OK Clinic

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