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jisr hr
jisr hr
jisr hrjisr hrjisr hrjisr hrjisr hrjisr hr

Jisr application enables your employees to submit requests, track updates, and finish everything with a single click

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Looking for an easy way to manage employees’ requests?

Jisr application guarantees to you the ease of submitting requests as well as managing them

No more fingerprint trouble devices with Jisr app!

Dispense with 100% of any fingerprint device in the workplace and enable employees to record their attendance and leave accurately with the Geofencing location attendance feature *

Requests will no longer be delayed, forgotten OR lost with JISR 

A clear approval workflow

Possibility to comment and reply on the request page

Access to request details

Possibility to add customized requests by the manager

Enable notifications, and leave the rest for Jisr!

No Need for asking anyone about the status of your request, With Jisr notifications!

Faster and more convenient self-service

Review your information

Submit and track your requests

Record your attendance and leave

Possibility to add customized requests by the manager

Your requests are being approved seamlessly!


Submitting the request


Create an Approval Series


Deliver the request to the manager


The Manager creates a comment on the request


The employee's response to the request


Acceptance of the request


Request confirmed


93% of our employees are completely satisfied with Jisr application!

About Bursa

Sector: Retail
Founded: 1960a
Branches: 31 branches around the Kingdom.
Number of employees: 600 employees.

- 92% of employees find it easy to submit leave requests through Jisr.

- 98% is the percentage of employees’ satisfaction in terms of obtaining leave balance data.

- 93% of the employees are completely satisfied with the Jisr app.


A survey prepared by Bursa Company for its employees about their satisfaction with Jisr application services - July 2022

Jisr application is available at

More than 10,000,000 requests through Jisr application

jisr hrjisr hrjisr hr

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