Core HR

Jisr offers on time benefits, full automation of every aspect of employee compensation and rewards process!

Manage all employee compensation and rewards, rely on Jisr to calculate and approve the various rewards and financial benefits that you present to your employees based on features and functionalities that are compatible with your internal policies or any other considerations.

Time rewards and benefits!

Pay employee bonuses on time.
Manage and approve employee rewards on time with no delays. You can find everything you need in one spot to calculate, approve and pay.

Complete all financial transactions for employees

Salary adjustments
Staff promotions
End Of Service Reward

Manage all related data

Accounting linkage

Performance evaluation

Custom reports for rewards



Shorten all benefits and payment process


Manage all financial transactions out of payroll, including bonuses, allowances, and more,from one place!


Approve all processes and procedures and get your tasks done!


Document transactions and keep your important data save