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Jisr, founded in 2016, is an emerging technology company in the human resource technology sector. It works on fully digitizing human resources operations, and focuses on providing solutions compatible with the needs of Saudi companies, in line with the Work Systems.

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Most integrated system for Saudi companies!

Companies of all sizes use Jisr, from 10 employees to + 3000 employees in more than 16 different sectors.

Ambitious companies choose Jisr to manage human resources and achieve the highest indicators of productivity, employee satisfaction and interaction. Proud of these numbers, which reflect our clients’ trust.

Building The HR Ecosystem

Digital employee profile

Detailed information about the employee

Attendance detail

Full and detailed attendance information


Detailed analysis of employee productivity


Payroll verification and setup

People analytics

Visualization of employee productivity

Organization Structure

Customize your company structure in one go

Leaves and approval cycles

Manage employee leaves and approve various requests

Benefits Administration

Develop effective employee reward plans, manage medical insurance, and much more

Workflow Automation

Transform manual processes into automated workflows


Meet the company's talent needs by managing recruitment effectively


All integrations needs for HR tasks in one place

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jisr hr
jisr hr
jisr hr
jisr hr
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jisr hr
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jisr hr

Numbers speak of Client’s Trust


Registered Jisr employees





+10Billion SR
+10 Billion SR

Annual salaries paid by Jisr

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Innovative solutions




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We gather Technology and Human Resources for Company productivity and Employee happiness

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