Tracking time and attendance is not a headache anymore!

Save your time and effort and let Jisr manage attendance records, biometric devices logs, and overtime approval requests! Jisr also allows you to customize your internal policies and regulations through an automated attendance system that is in compliance with Saudi labor law.

Overcome attendance management problems

Take advantage of the time and attendance system so you can achieve your management goals!

Clarity and transparency

Accurate records

Automated attendance tracking

Directly integrated and reflected on payroll processing

Numbers and Efficiency

+26 Million
Fingerprints processed annually
Daily clock in/out in Jisr
Companies rely on Jisr attendance system

Join thousands of Saudi companies that manage time and attendance using Jisr

Now you can easily apply the best practices for tracking attendance professionally!


Procedures that are legally compliant with the Saudi Labor Law


Various ways of recording attendance


More accurate overtime calculations


Accurate and reliable attendance sheets


Integrated management of attendance and leave requests


Accurate and effective reports and records


Many ways for more flexibility

Fingerprint machine

Through the biometric device, Jisr supports the integration with fingerprint devices, and saves you the burden of tracking and calculating attendance fingerprints!

Location tracking

Through your cell phone / Geofencing, you can locate the company and its branches so your employees can record their attendance while they are within the geofencing diameter of the company's location or one of its branches.

Task reports

Manual Preparation, with Jisr you can manually upload the attendance excel sheets of your employees to be reflected immediately on attendance records and reports.

Advanced Features in Attendance System

Automatic integration with the attendance records in payroll/requests/leaves/business trips/overtime.

Customize policies for business trips and leaves

Customize your working schedules and shifts

Multiple ways to record and process fingerprints.

Customize overtime policy.

Define working hours

Identify and select those to whom the policies apply

All the features of tracking the time and attendance are working in an integrated manner!

No need to worry about the schedule anymore!

Jisr scheduler provides you with an integrated solution for planning, scheduling and approving shifts with automatic synchronization between leaves and permission requests. It is also associated with the attendance and payroll modules

Results of manual scheduling of shifts according to studies:

3 wasted hours each week to prepare schedules.

20% of managers' time is spent on scheduling shifts.

140 working-hour per year are spent on creating manual shift scheduling.

Clear work schedules for you, your employees, and the Human Resources Department

Transparency and clarity in shift scheduling increase employees’ productivity and satisfaction

Direct integration with attendance and payroll.

Accurate and professional work schedules.

Better schedules planning as it is designed in line with vacation times.

Sound planning for vacation times and public holidays.

Greater flexibility in dealing with different shifts and unfixed break days

Rely on Jisr in scheduling shifts

Schedule working hours for all your employees smoothly and accurately. Easily create and define shift hours, confirm and finally, assign them!

Determine the type of employees’ schedule (fixed, non-fixed).

Define & determine shift hours and daily working hours.

Assign periods to available employees.

Review schedules and save them as drafts.

Publish and share schedules with employees.

Employee’s screen/Schedule on Mobile

The employee can view his daily, weekly and monthly shift schedules and the number of hours that have been scheduled for him/her based on the mentioned periods.

The manager can create and assign schedules to employees and delete and modify them based on business needs and availability of working times.

The admin can see all the schedules created by all the authorized managers as well as the attendance and leaves of the employees.

Our Clients’ opinions

jisr hr

"The distribution of shift hours and off-duty times was difficult and required a lot of time and effort. With Jisr system, it became more flexible and much easier."

Mahmoud Khairy

Human Resources Manager at Fotor Faris

Speed up payroll

Rely on Jisr in scheduling shifts and Request a Demo Now!

clients rely on our scheduler system

Better planning of working schedules


Planning, scheduling and creating shifts table and shifts draft.


Filtering to find out which employees have more or less working hours on a weekly and daily basis


Viewing the employee's current status (on leave, public holiday, available).


Building templates for daily shifts that can be reused while scheduling shifts.

Creating a professional work schedule with these three tools:

Assigning shifts to employees
Unpublish schedules Or change them
Publishing schedules

Simply adopt and share work schedules:

The feature of publishing the shift schedule for employees an email notification and a mobile alert.”

The feature of notifying employees of the approved shift schedule.

The feature of canceling or modifying the publishedÍ schedules while notifying employees of such updates.

Accurate Reports for Successful Decisions

Attendance reports and related records that affect theÍ payroll performance evaluation, leave balance, hiring decisions and overtime policy.In Jisr, you can customize, modify and publish the schedules and the records you need at one single click!

jisr hr

"By tracking attendance through Jisr, we reduced the monthly waste in salaries by roughly 70,000 SAR in less than one quarter of the year."

Suleiman bin Saad

Human Resources Manager at Bursa Company

Speed up payroll
jisr hr

"Jisr helped us track attendance through a powerful and fully automated attendance system while providing an effective and convenient permission system for employees.It also provides easy access for employees to all the data they need without referring to the Human Resources Department to check their leave balance. They can check their attendance records through the mobile application"

Ahmed Abdel Moneim Al-Harbi

Human Resources Manager at CosmoPlast Company

Employees satisfaction