Compatibility and Compliance with Saudi Labor Laws

A human resources system based on local systems and needs in Saudi Arabia.

Jisr helps you adhere to the Saudi Labor Law, avoiding costly violations that result from forgetting, delaying, or being ignorant of the proper procedures to manage human resources. The solutions offered by Jisr are based on the regulations and rules that govern the labor market and employees’ affairs.

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With Jisr, you can raise the percentage of the human resources department’s compliance with Saudi Labor Law, laws and regulations related to personnel management and labor rights. Initiate your business journey by placing your reliance on Jisr!

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When you rely on Jisr, all updates that occur to the Saudi Labor Law and its regulations will be immediately applied to Jisr, and you will not need to provide alerts regarding them to the authorities in human resources.

All features and updates provided by Jisr to help companies comply with regulations, are based on expert opinions given by legal advisors specialized in the Saudi Labor Law

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Salaries and wages

Employment contracts

Working and rest hours

Manage employee data and documents