Integrated Solution for Human Resources in the Retail Sector

Jisr provides a human resources system that helps establishments in the retail sector to manage their human resources with efficiency and strength that helps them take the lead and survive in a competitive and growing market.

We Lead companies in the retail sector to success!

Jisr enables establishments in the retail sector to succeed through the services it provides for the transformation of human resources management, as it contributes to increasing productivity and reducing the burdens of following up and managing work in the department.

Speed: Complete automation of attendance.

Integration: Integrating with all the services and platforms needed by the Human Resource Management.

Digitization: Fully automated Payroll

Professional: Comprehensive custom reports.

“We did cost reduction for the monthly salaries by the equivalent of 70,000 riyals in less than one quarter of the year.”

Suleiman bin Saad

Human Resources Manager at Bursa Company

Speed up payroll

A human resources system compatible with the Saudi labor law that helps you comply with the law.

Integrated automation of everything related to payroll, attendance.

Enabling employees to self-service.

Customized and comprehensive reports for accurate and comprehensive follow-up