The best choice for managing Human Resources in Healthcare facilities.

Jisr system is fully equipped to manage human resources in Healthcare facilities and their various requirements, as personnel management takes the highest priority.

Why do they need Jisr for human resource management?

With our partnership you can…

Scheduling shifts more efficiently

Empower your employees to suggest changes to shifts and correct any problems with their work schedules.

Digital documents

Give your medical teams access to all their health and professional documents, certificates and identities from anywhere you choose.

A Complete automated payroll.

Reduce the effort required to execute payroll tasks by having complete control over monthly adjustments for overtime, etc.

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Manage branches and clinics from one place

From one place, manage all branches, clinics and your facility’s health centers through Jisr.

Self-service for employees

Through self-service, enable your employees from electronic services to view their information, leave balance, salary data, bonuses, and also record their attendance and leave.

"We have finished everything related to payroll within one day only with the click of a button, and we have reduced 85% of the efforts in working on payroll as well."

Shaiga Al-Qahtani

Senior Human Resources Specialist at OK Clinic

Speed up payroll

“Jisr has fully facilitated the work of human resources, as we manage more than 800 employees in our centers and branches, and made it easy for employees at the same time to access all requests, letters and data they need in the shortest period and the highest efficiency as well.”

Samir Ghaith

My Clinic Medical Clinics

Speed up payroll