via a fully automated Payroll!

Facilitate the HR department work in terms of  preparing salaries, enable accounting and financial review and approve your payment through one platform.

Jisr Payroll is integrated with Mudad, GOSI, Banks, and many others. Attendance data and requests that may affect the salary calculation; such as: employees’ loans, business trips, overtime, etc. are automatically processed and reflected directly on the payroll without any paperwork or manual effort.

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Explore a fully automated payroll, with no manual procedure or paperwork!

Eliminate all the routine manual procedures for preparing payrolls from attendance sheets/logs, following up on requests and checking various entries, and let Jisr fully automate all these processes.

Record the biometric device attendance logs
Reflect attendance data on the payroll.
Handle all requests affecting salary; such as: business trips, loans, overtime work...etc.

Set up your payroll in the easiest steps ever!

In three steps shorten your work on the payroll!

Set up your payroll in the easiest steps ever

In three steps shorten your work on the payroll!


Prepare all the data required to process payroll, including attendance, leaves and requests. Take advantage of the integrated automation offered by Jisr.


Handle notes received from the system related to the salary calculation and social insurance deduction notes.


Pay salaries either through Mudad or the bank with ease!

Days spent on Payroll are now Minutes with Jisr!

GOSI deductions

A workflow of approvals for a smooth and protected processing of payroll

Assign roles and permissions and documentation of procedures.

Safety and reliability of procedures.

Influences related to attendance

Requests (requests for Correction for missing punch, loans, expenses’ claims, business trips accrual, end of service accrual, paid and unpaid leaves...etc)

“We saved 90% of the efforts spent in setting up the payroll via Jisr as a result of integrating the data on the system with the data in the related government platforms such as Mudad”

Ahmed Abdel Moneim Al-Harbi

Human Resources Manager at CosmoPlast Company

Employees satisfaction

"We have finished everything related to payroll within one day only with one single click, and we have reduced 85% of the efforts in working on payroll, as well."

Shaiga Al-Qahtani

Senior Human Resources Specialist at OK Clinic

Speed up

We help you comply with the Wage Protection System by integrating with Mudad

You won’t need to upload the bank file.

Pay salaries via Mudad and update the wages protection file automatically.

Track the payment status of each employee.

Review alerts related to wage protection.

The only system that enables you to match and compare your GOSI data.

Jisr is proud that it is the only human resources system in Saudi Arabia that provides services for cross-checking employee data with The General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) so that this integration helps you to

Update GOSI details in the employee's insurance profile.

Compare and match the data of subscribers in insurance and Jisr when preparing payroll.

Classification of the employees registered in the insurance in case there is more than one subscription with the establishment.

Alerts of the differences between the salaries of the employees in the insurance and those registered on the system

Enable your employees to know their salary details

Raise the level of transparency and enable your employees to view the details of the paid salary with the notification feature, and enable each employee to access his/her salary data through Jisr app, without the need for review by Human Resources Department.

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Pay slip via Email

Your employees can be notified via email about the paid salary with a PDF attachment of the detailed salary payment receipt.

View salary data through the mobile application

Employees can view their salary details at any time through the personal data page, and download the payslip as a PDF file from the mobile app. 

Accounting entries ready for the payroll

Jisr’s payroll provides ready-made accounting entries that help synchronize and update all expenses data with the accounting and finance department on an up-to-date basis, and without additional efforts in adding and reviewing data via the following methods

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Manually (offline) an Excel file

All accounting entries and provisions in one file

Automatic (online) with the most famous accounting software

Synchronize all accounting entries and make the system record them automatically.

More than 10 billion riyals were paid through Jisr’s payroll annually

clients rely on our scheduler system

Learn how to grow with JISR

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