Professional People Analytics for all Human Resources Management tasks

Choose the reports you need, filter the data you want to add to your report, and then easily export it with Jisr. You can choose from dozens of report templates on the system or build custom reports based on your needs. 

Successful decisions need integrated reports

Reports help you make the right decisions and follow up on the business circumstances in a professional manner. Choose the data you need and issue detailed or short reports according to your needs in seconds.

Financial Reports


Insurance Receipts

Insurance Report

Transactions out of payroll


Final Accrual

Leave Reports

Absences and vacations Report

Vacation balance

Employees Reports

Covenant report


Family data

Changes report made to employee information

Expired official documents

Attendance Reports

Employees Attendance


Attendance and Leave fingerprints

Attendance Follow-up

Customize Reports

Create the reports that suit your business based on the information you need in the system, whether it is related to payroll, attendance, vacations, employee information and documents, and others.

Create Reports you need and use the same template
every time without any extra effort.

Support your decisions with accurate, up-to-date data.

Issue Reports you need based on the information you need.

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Take smart decisions with People Analytics

A whole dashboard dedicated to the internal information presented in charts providing insights about the different HR modules [Payroll, Workforce, Attendance & Leaves..etc] to help managers to make informed decisions. 

Payroll Payroll (Payments & Employees Costs)

Workforce (turnover, Saudization)

Attendance & Leaves (Absence Rate, Approved Overtime)

Get Great Benefits from the exclusive features of Jisr's Reports

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