Business trips and travel

With Jisr, easily organize business trips and manage ticket issuance and payment.

Jisr helps you coordinate and complete everything related to business trips, travel and tickets for employees with unprecedented efficiency, speed and ease..

Organize everything related to business trips and tickets, and assign tasks to those responsible for executing them, in the same spot

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With Jisr, Shorten all procedures of business trips and tickets in accordance with YOUR internal policy

Reliability of the procedures

Maintain workflow

Clarity and ease

Organization which raises productivity

Full management of everything related to travel tickets

Business trips

Travel tickets for employees

Per Diem

Customize the approvals workflow for business trip assignments such as: 

Ticketing tasks for employees

Determine business trips

Payment functions for business trips

Business trips requests’ approval

To organise your work, assign each task to the person in charge!

Payment functions for business trips

Business trips request workflow

Ticketing tasks for employees

Exit and return visas for international business trips

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